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Sponsor generously, a lifetime opportunity to this historic initiative to establish “Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple of Wellington” along with community centrea platform for all of us to come together, worship, celebrate our culture & values.



Sponsor a Nama from the Vishnu Sahasra Namaavali

the Garland of Thousand Names of the Lord Vishnu.

Namadhenu scheme

Donations and Automatic Payments

To make donations and set up Automatic Payments please use the following Bank Account
Account Name: SDPS Trust NZ
Account Number: 02-0536-0215974-00



Appeal for Donations - Donate via PayPal 


To build the Abode for our Lord Venkateswara at 25, Waiu Street, Wainui-o-mata, Wellington, New Zealand.

Our international donors can donate securely via PayPal using their PayPal account or debit/credit cards.

Our appeal to international devotees, families, friends & communities - please donate generously towards SVWT & our mission - Vasudhaiva kutumbakam

All donations are gratefully accepted - Thank you & our sincere appreciation for your generosity.

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Nama by AP scheme

Scheme 1: The 1 Dollar a Day Nama Scheme; Set up an AP for $1 a day or $30 a month. Once you complete 36 months, you can book a Nama.

Scheme 2: $50 a month Nama Scheme; Setup an AP for $50 a month. Once you complete 20 months, you can book a Nama 

Please Note: You will be eligible to book Nama only at the end and you will have a choice from the Namas remaining to be sponsored at that time. 

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