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What is NAMADHENU Scheme?
Sponsor a Nama from the Vishnu Sahasra Namaavali – the Garland of Thousand Names of the Lord Vishnu.
Sponsor generously, lifetime opportunity to this historical initiative to establish “Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple of Wellington” along with community centre – the platform for all of us to come together, worship, celebrate our culture & values.
A huge Feature Wall Plaque will display each sponsored lord name and sponsor in our new temple. 
Opportunity to etch your name into the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple’s history. This will live long, cherished by your family, friends, appreciated & praised by generations to come.
Inspired by 
Kamadhenu - कामधेनू - the wish-fulfilling Holy-Cow, 
we have named our Nama Donation Scheme as NAMADHENU. 
May the sponsoring of the Nama of the Lord grant you and your family all your wishes and desires in life.
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