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Lord Vishwakarma is the architect of the Gods and the Devas. He is also hailed as the one who designed the Universe. Engineers, carpenters, architects, mechanics, and sculptures.

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Community Consultation Phase &

Seeking Expressions of Interest from the Public 

Period: 1 Jan 2023 to 30 June 2023

Thank you all for your participation, contributions and support to our 4th Annual General Meeting. The exciting announcement during our AGM was the launch of the consultation phase of our Temple Build Project. We received good feedback, encouragement and positive reinforcement from various groups and individuals on our mission and progress, which we highly appreciate. Your feedback is important to us, so if you want to write or speak to us at any stage, please do not hesitate.

Abode for Sri Venkateswara

The mission / Sankalpa of building the "Abode for Sri Venkateswara" named Mahi Tahi, signifying a development by the community fulfilling the aspirations of the community as a whole. Per our Sanatana Dharma and Hindu practices, this initiative will also be known as Viswakarma, after the Chief Architect of the Devas. 

Our experienced Trustees, Shri S.Ramasubramanian, Shri Raghavan Vinjimoore and Shri Venkatesh Sankaran, formed a "Building committee" to guide the rest of us through this phase, and they will lead this initiative, manage the ongoing governance and communication related to this.

The building committee has established several smaller working groups to lead into this consultation phase to engage, seek, and collect input from our community.

Working Groups

Religious - Seeking inputs from our community and volunteer priests and persons with knowledge of religious matters.

Operational - Volunteers of our Temple or others with experience in running the temple are best placed to give ideas on facilities and functionality of the build.

Technical & Regulatory- Builders, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Green, Eco-friendly concepts etc.

Financial - Management and Accounting professionals with an understanding of Business Case preparation, Financing knowledge, Mortgage Brokers

Community Champions: comprising Elders, Youth, and Women - This committee will give us the Temple Facilities requirement of the community and will act as a Steering Committee 

How do we work?

Each working group will have between 5 to 10 members; they will meet face-to-face at regular intervals, participate in workshops, contribute to this consulting phase and shape up the requirements for us to move on to the next stage.

We solicit Expressions of Interest from our community to serve as members of these working groups. Kindly choose one that suits you, where your skills and experience could add more value.

Please join us in building an "Abode for Sri Venkateswara" contact us at on or before 15 Dec 2022. Please fill out this EOI form to register your interest.

Yours in Service

Trustees of Sanatana Dharma Paripalana Seva Trust

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