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Dear All,

By the Sankalpa of Sri Venkateswara Swamy of Wellington, we have pleasure in announcing that we have been successful in finding a permanent abode for Balaji. From the initial Sri Satyanarayana Swamy  Vratham done on 10th Nov 2018 to now- it has taken us just 7 months to achieve this milestone – a testament to your unstinting support and huge desire to make this happen.

Our Property hunt is over. Our bid has been successful. We have acquired land that can be used for a Temple; With a tenant on the front portion, giving us a revenue stream; And a small utility workshop at the rear from where we could run our interim temple.

The Property: We have invested in the developing suburb of Wainuiomata – the only suburb of Wellington where there is still flat land available for development. The property is at 25 Waiu Street. It is 1650 sqm of land. Just over the hill on the other side. Within a 10-minute drive from Lower Hutt CBD. Wainuiomata can be accessed from the Petone side as well as from Lower Hutt. This property is located in idyllic surroundings, nestled in greenery with the backdrop of the hills. It has Reserve land on all sides - so no neighbor sharing our fence.

Our Plans: To build our Temple on the rear portion of this land. It will give us the opportunity to build to our specifications. We will also create a community facility on the land to serve the public by fulfilling our 3 main aims, viz:

  • Deity Worship - Establishing Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple of Wellington

  • Community Service in the spirit of Vasudeiva Kutumbakam

  • Education of youth in our culture, tradition, and values as stated in our Sanatana Dharma.


What happens now: We hope to go unconditional in 3 weeks’ time and settlement is in 6 weeks. Once we get possession, we will do a minor refurbish of the rear workshop to make it our interim temple sometime after winter is over. We will then start planning the design and build of our Temple and Community complex.

We add below a few reactions to this momentous event:

  • The Lord liked the hills and the surroundings.          

  • He chose his place and gave it to us to develop into a temple

  • Today Narasimha Jayanti very good auspicious day too

  • See how quickly Lord Balaji found his abode. This tells me the Lord takes care of his devotees' needs. And all it needs is that devotees need to come together. Lord gave us so many Namadhenu and reduced the risk on this purchase. And such a great location. This makes me believe the fact that all you need is to say his Namavalli.

  • Venkatramana Govinda! Govinda!

  • Venkatadhri, Thiru Vengadamudayan, Srinivasan - Lord who finds home for this prabhanjam, we found a place for Him! What an opportunity we are blessed with to serve him and his devotees. Dhorukuna itu vanti Seva.

We know that you may have questions. And we will be giving more information. But at this point in time, things are still commercially sensitive. We will therefore not be in a position to divulge anything further at this stage. The Property still is not in our possession. It is the private property of the current owners and we are sure that you will allow the owner and his tenant all the privacy they deserve.

We thank each and every devotee who has supported us during this journey. But for your support, this would not have been possible.

As we look into the future, we feel a sense of excitement. There will be many more challenges as we all go about taking part in this wonderful journey. But we are sure that Bhagavan will guide us every step of the way. Together we will create an Institution that will be a beacon of our Sanatana Dharma for our future generation.

Sriyah kanthaya kalyana nidhaye nidhayerthinam
Sri Venkata nivasaya Srinivasaya Mangalam!

Yours in the Service of the Lord,
Trustees of 
Sanatana Dharma Paripalana Seva Trust New Zealand


18 May 2019


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