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Ganesh Chathurthi 2021

JAI SHRI GANESHA !!! SVWT is keen on helping our community in observing & celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi in this pandemic alert level restriction by enabling them to do prayer at their home guided by Temple priest online. Please take the opportunity to register, prepare and celebrate.

Pooja Preparation

Date: Friday 10 Sepetember 2021

Time: 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM

Preparation at your home (You could use most of the items as available at home):

  • Small Shri Ganesh Idol or Turmeric Ganesh or Lord Ganesh Ji Photo

  • Manjal (Tumeric), Kumkum, Sandal Paste (1 tea spoon each)

  • Dhoopam (incense sticks),  Ghee wick

  • Small lamp - wick, oil, matchbox/lighter

  • Arathi plate (small one) with ghee lamp to show aarathi

  • Beetel leaves, supari (beetle nut), 4 bananas, optionally one tail coconut (with husk) and one coconut without husk

  • Flowers - loose flowers for Archana (garland if you could make and available)

  • $1 X 2 = coins

  • Some fruits 

  • Prepare Neivedium or Prasadm offering as you wish, or as per your family tradition, we will offer this at the end of the prayer Lord Ganesha.

What preparation is required before the start of the prayer (do this around 06:00-06:30 pm)

  • Clean the place where you want to perform the prayer 

  • Decorate a place where you want to perform the prayer, simple decoration will do. Like put small kolam, rangoli

  • Place the photo or Ganesh Idol or make turmeric paste and make small manjal/turmeric ganesha 

  • Make some akshada - mix one handful of raw rice with turmeric, add very little water and small pinch of ghee

  • Make a small garland possible

  • Make some loose flowers for archana

  • Prepare the lamp with wick, oil and keep it ready

  • 2 incense sticks 

  • Small ghee/nei diya / deepam ready for aarathi

  • Place some fruits, bananas, coconut in a place and keep it near for offerings later

  • Make any small prasadam as needed (one sweet prasadam small quantity will do) or do prepare as per family tradition

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