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Sponsor generously, a lifetime opportunity to this historic initiative to establish “Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple of Wellington” along with community centrea platform for all of us to come together, worship, celebrate our culture & values.


We have two donation schemes


Sponsor a Nama from the Vishnu Sahasra Namaavali

the Garland of Thousand Names of the Lord Vishnu.

Namadhenu scheme

Donations and Automatic Payments

To make donations and set up Automatic Payments please use the following Bank Account
Account Name: SDPS Trust NZ
Account Number: 02-0536-0215974-00



Appeal for Donations 


To pay for the Purchase of Property for building the Abode for Balaji Property acquired at 25, Waiu Street, Wainui-o-mata. Settlement on or before 28th June 2019.

During the year ended 31st March 2019, devotees have donated over $135k to the Trust. This money is being utilized now for the acquisition of the land for our new Temple. Devotees could help us further in this noble cause by re-donating the tax rebate to the Temple. Please do not wait till you receive the refund. Please do your re-donating in anticipation of the money from IRD.

Devotees who have wanted to contribute all along but were waiting for something to happen – now is the right time for you to pitch in and donate. Please sponsor one or more Namas and go on the Temple’s Nama Board permanently.

Cannot afford to give over $1001? Do make a one-time donation of any amount that you are comfortable with. No amount is too small. We value every contribution and are sure that the Lord will be pleased with your support.

We will soon be having operating costs. Devotees could set up Automatic Payments for any amount that would help in running the Temple.

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